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Our Archivolt drafting staff appreciate  the detail and value of complete, accurate renderings. If we can not commit to that - then we can't be in business. 

Drafting Vancouver BC

As a division of one of North Americas leading industry specific drafting service , we can and will provide professional drafting and CAD services throughout British Columbia's Vancouver Lower Mainland and beyond.

Our studio is located in the heart of Vancouver with a full compliment of drafting engineers with experience in varied disciplines. 

We offer a range of services from : 

Home (Project ) Owner Services 

Provide assistance with developing plans and sketches as they relate to Permit Acquisition and Issue for Construction Documents. 

We will deal with the municipalities and the process to any degree you are comfortable with. 

Construction Industry Supplementary Support 

This is our main business principal.  Working with Construction Companies, General Contractors & Sub Trades to provide supplemental drawings and plans as they relate to completing existing residential and commercial projects. 

- Including Site Dimension and Verification 

- Permit Drawing creation 

- Formal municipal permit applications 

- Coordination of Surveyors, Mechanical , Structural, Civil & Geotech professionals

- Shop Drawing Co-ordination

Architectural Industry Resource Services 

Working with Architects , Design and Engineering Consultants to provide resources so they can deliver projects within their deadlines.

- Content Drop ( Millwork, Glazing and Metal )

- CAD & Drafting outsource

- Field Verification 

- 3 Dimensional Perspective 

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