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Shop Drawings Vancouver

We provide restaurants and businesses with assistance and filing for the City of Vancouver's most recent initiative designed to assist the hospitality industry. 

While the program is free for those wishing to apply, we will offer to undertake the following: 

Support Service for City of Vancouver's 

Temporary Expedited Patio Program (TEPP)

- Site Visit 

* We will attend the restaurant and document conditions 

- Picture and Video Recording

* We will assemble a visual record for historical & reference purposes 

- Drawings Preparation 

* We will prepare the necessary drawings 

- Documentation *

We will assist in collecting the necessary documents 

- File / Communication with the City of Vancouver

* We will file all documents with the C.O.V. Permits / Engineering Department 

Temp patio sample.png



* Rate indicated herein is subject to GST, incidental charges, and not applicable to complex patio projects outside the scope of Vancouver's TEPP program 

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